We have a vast experience in teaching numerous courses at undergraduate (BSc), graduate (MSc) and post-graduate (PhD) level from a wide range of programs at different universities. Our teaching expertise covers topics such as water quality and quantity, climate change, hydrology, sustainable development, management and governance of natural resources, environmental conflicts and decision making, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, environmental and ecological economics, spatial planning, environmental modeling, statistics, tourism, recreational fishing, forest ecosystems, and much more. We also supervise student projects (BSc, MSc, PhD and internships) related to these topics.

PhD level courses

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: from Conservation to Decision Making, Jagiellonian University

Sustainability in Science and Technology, Uppsala University

Science for Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

MSc level courses

Applied Geoinformatics, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

Broadleaves: Ecology, Nature Conservation, Silviculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Degree Project in Sustainable Development, 30 ECTS, Uppsala University

Energy, Water and Food, 15 ECTS, Uppsala University

Environmental Assessment, Uppsala University

Field Methods in Earth Sciences, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

GIS for Water Resources, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

Hydrology and Hydrogeology, 15 ECTS, Stockholm University

Hydrological Processes, 10 ECTS, Uppsala University

Information- & Modeling Systems for Land & Water Resources, 15 ECTS, Stockholm University

Internship in Sustainable Development, 30 ECTS, Uppsala University

Introduction to Natural Disaster Science, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

Modeling of Aquatic Ecosystems, 15 ECTS, Uppsala University

National and International Forest Policy, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Nature-Based Destinations and Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

Our Natural Resources, 10 ECTS, Uppsala University

Runoff, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

Statistics and Data Analysis Methods, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

Statistical Methods in Hydrology, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

Water and Society, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

Water Energy and Food, Uppsala University

BSc level courses

Aquatic Environmental Analysis, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

Climate, Hydrology and Biogeography, 30 ECTS, Stockholm University

Engineering Ethics, 5 ECTS, Uppsala University

Environmental and Ecological Economics, Uppsala University

Human Security and Sustainable Development in Tropical Ecosystems, Uppsala University

Hydrology and Quaternary Geology, 15 ECTS, Stockholm University

Hydrology and Water Resources Management, 10 ECTS, Uppsala University

Local to Global Water Vulnerability and Resilience, 15 ECTS, Stockholm University

Management and Governance of Ecosystem Services, Uppsala University

Meteorology, Hydrology & Environmental Measurement Techniques, 15 ECTS, Uppsala University

Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services, Uppsala University