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YearAuthorTitleItem TypeJournalDOI/LinkPagesVolumeIssue
2023Teutschbein, C., Jonsson, E., Todorović, A., Tootoonchi, F., Stenfors, E., Grabs, T.Future Drought Propagation through the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus – a Nordic PerspectivePeer-reviewed journal articleJournal of Hydrology
128963617, Part A
In pressCuenca-Cambronero, M., Blicharska, M. , Perrin, J.A., Davidson, T.A., Oertli, B., Lago, M., Beklioğlu, M. Meerhoff, M., Teixeira, J., Martin, B., Greaves, H., Sayer, C., De Meester, L., Biggs, J., Robin, J., Boix, D., Mehner, T., Bartrons, M., Brucet, SChallenges and opportunities in the use of ponds and pondscapes as Nature-based SolutionsPeer-reviewed journal articleHydrobiologia
2022Todorović, A., Grabs, T., Teutschbein, C.Advancing traditional strategies for testing hydrological model fitness in a changing climatePeer-reviewed journal articleHydrological Sciences Journal
2022Hambäck, P.A., L. Dawson, P. Geranmayeh, J. Jarsjö, M. Peacock, D. Collentine, G. Destouni, M. Futter, S. Hedman, S. Jonsson, I. Kačergyté, B.K. Klatt, A. Lindström, J.E. Nilsson, T. Pärt, L. Schneider, J. Strand, P. Urrutia Cordero, D. Åhlén, I. Åhlén, M. BlicharskaTrade-offs and synergies in the design of multifunctional wetlands: A scaling issuePeer-reviewed journal articleScience of The Total Environment160746862
2022Leal Filho, W., Coronado-Marín, A., Lange Salvia, A., Frankenberger Silva, F., Wolf, F., LeVasseur, T.J., Kirrane, M.J., Doni, F., Paço, A.F., Blicharska, M., Schmitz, M.A., Grahl, A.T., Moggi, S.International Trends and Practices on Sustainability Reporting in Higher Education InstitutionsPeer-reviewed journal articleSustainability122381419
2022Teutschbein, C., Quesada Montano, B., Todorović, A., Grabs, T.treamflow droughts in Sweden: Spatiotemporal patterns emerging from six decades of observationsPeer-reviewed journal articleJournal of Hydrology: Regional Studies
2022Tootoonchi, F., Sadegh, M., Haerter, J.O., Räty, O., Grabs, T., Teutschbein, C.Copulas for hydroclimatic analysis: A practice-oriented overviewPeer-reviewed journal articleWIREs Water
2022Blicharska, M., Hedblom, M., Josefsson, J., Widenfalk, O., Ranius, T., Öckinger, E., Widenfalk, L.A. Operationalization of ecological compensation – Obstacles and ways forwardPeer-reviewed journal articleJournal of Environmental Management 114277304
2022Tootoonchi, F., Haerter, J.O., Todorović, A., Räty, O., Grabs, T., Teutschbein, C.Uni- and multivariate bias adjustment methods in Nordic catchments: Complexity and performance in a changing climatePeer-reviewed journal articleScience of The Total Environment
2022Blauhut, V., Stoelzle, M., Ahopelto, L., Brunner, M.I., Teutschbein, C., Wendt, D.E., Akstinas, V., Bakke, S.J., Barker, L.J., Bartošová, L., Briede, A., Cammalleri, C., Kalin, K.C., De Stefano, L., Fendeková, M., Finger, D.C., Huysmans, M., Ivanov, M., Jaagus, J., Jakubínský, J., Krakovska, S., Laaha, G., Lakatos, M., Manevski, K., Neumann Andersen, M., Nikolova, N., Osuch, M., van Oel, P., Radeva, K., Romanowicz, R.J., Toth, E., Trnka, M., Urošev, M., Urquijo Reguera, J., Sauquet, E., Stevkov, A., Tallaksen, L.M., Trofimova, I., Van Loon, A.F., van Vliet, M.T.H., Vidal, J.-P., Wanders, N., Werner, M., Willems, P., Živković, N., 2022Lessons from the 2018–2019 European droughts: a collective need for unifying drought risk managementPeer-reviewed journal articleNatural Hazards and Earth System Sciences
2022van den Heuvel, L., Blicharska, M., Stensland, S., Rönnbäck, P.Been there, done that? Effects of experience use history and centrality to life on angling tourists’ loyalty to a Swedish salmon fisheryPeer-reviewed journal articleJournal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism10054939
2021Ameli, Ali A ; Laudon, Hjalmar; Teutschbein, Claudia; Bishop, KevinWhere and when to collect tracer data to diagnose hillslope permeability architecturePeer-reviewed journal articleWater Resources Research
2021Josefsson, J., Ahlbäck Widenfalk, L., Blicharska, M., Hedblom, M., Pärt, T., Ranius, T., Öckinger, E.Compensating for lost nature values through biodiversity offsetting – where is the evidence? Peer-reviewed journal articleBiological Conservation 109-117257
2021Zilinskaite, E., Blicharska, M., Futter, M.Stakeholder perspectives on blue mussel farming to mitigate Baltic Sea eutrophicationPeer-reviewed journal articleSustainability918013
2021 Blicharska, Malgorzata; Teutschbein, Claudia; Smithers, Richard SDG partnerships may perpetuate the global North-South dividePeer-reviewed journal articleNature Scientific Reports10.1038/s41598-021-01534-622092111
2020Ward, P.J., de Ruiter, M.C., Mård, J., Schröter, K., Van Loon, A., Veldkamp, T., von Uexkull, N., Wanders, N., AghaKouchak, A., Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K., Capewell, L., Carmen Llasat, M., Day, R., Dewals, B., Di Baldassarre, G., Huning, L.S., Kreibich, H., Mazzoleni, M., Savelli, E., Teutschbein, C., van den Berg, H., van der Heijden, A., Vincken, J.M.R., Waterloo, M.J., Wens, M.The need to integrate flood and drought disaster risk reduction strategiesPeer-reviewed journal articleWater Security
2020Axelsson, R., Ljung, M., Blicharska, M., Frisk, M., Henningsson, M., Mikusiński, G., Folkeson, L., Göransson, G., Jönsson-Ekström, S., Sjölund, A., Skoog, J., Törnblom, J., Angelstam, P.The Challenge of Transdisciplinary Research: A Case Study of Learning by Evaluation for Sustainable Transport InfrastructuresPeer-reviewed journal articleSustainability
2020van den Heuvel, Lotte; Blicharska, Malgorzata; Masia, Sara; Susnik, Janez; Teutschbein, Claudia;Ecosystem services in the Swedish water-energy-food-land-climate nexus: anthropogenic pressures and physical interactionsPeer-reviewed journal articleEcosystem Services
2020Blicharska, Malgorzata; Angelstam, P.; Jacobson, J.B.; Giessen, L.; Hilszczanski, J.; Hermanowicz, E.; Holeksa, J.; Jaroszewicz, B.; Konczal, A.; Konieczny, A.; Mikusinski, G.; Mirek, Z.; Muys, B.; Mohren, F.; Niedzialkowski, K.; Sotirov, M.; Szwagrzyk, J.; Winder, G.M.; Witkowski, Z.; Zaplata, R.; Winkel, G.Between biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest management – a multidisciplinary assessment of the emblematic Białowieża Forest casePeer-reviewed journal articleBiological Conservation
2020Hedblom, M.; Hedenås, H.; Blicharska, M.; Adler, S.; Knez, I.; Mikusiński, G.; Svensson, J.; Sandström, S.; Sandström, P.; Wardle, D. A.Landscape perception: linking physical monitoring data to perceived landscape propertiesPeer-reviewed journal articleLandscape Research
2020Orlikowska, Ewa H.; Svensson, Johan; Roberge, Jean-Michel; Blicharska, Malgorzata; Mikusiński, GrzegorzHit or miss? Evaluating the effectiveness of Natura 2000 for conservation of forest bird habitat in SwedenPeer-reviewed journal articleGlobal Ecology and Conservation
2020van den Heuvel, L.; Blicharska, M.; Blyth, S.; Ronnback, P.Catch reporting in recreational fishing: Swedish anglers' attitudes and preferences, and the effect of social factorsPeer-reviewed journal articleFisheries Research
2020Reynolds, J.E.; Halldin, S.; Seibert, J.; Xu, C.Y.; Grabs, T.;Robustness of flood-model calibration using single and multiple eventsPeer-reviewed journal articleHydrological Sciences Journal
2020Reynolds, J. E.; Halldin, S.; Seibert, J.; Xu, C.Y.; Grabs, T.;Flood prediction using parameters calibrated on limited discharge data and uncertain rainfall scenariosPeer-reviewed journal articleHydrological Sciences Journal
2019Blicharska, M.; Smithers, R. J.; Mikusinski, G.; Ronnback, P.; Harrison, P. A.; Nilsson, M.; Sutherland, W. J.Biodiversity's contributions to sustainable developmentPeer-reviewed journal articleNature Sustainability
2019Eriksson, B.; Johansson, F.; Blicharska, M.Socio-economic impacts of marine conservation efforts in three Indonesian fishing communitiesPeer-reviewed journal articleMarine Policy
2019Karlsen, R.H.; Bishop, K.; Grabs, T.; Ottosson-Löfvenius, M.; Laudon, H.; Seibert, J.The role of landscape properties, storage and evapotranspiration on variability in streamflow recessions in a boreal catchmentPeer-reviewed journal articleJournal of Hydrology
2018Hakala, Kirsti; Addor, Nans; Teutschbein, Claudia; Vis, Marc; Dakhlaoui, Hamouda; Seibert, JanHydrological Modeling and Climate ChangeBook sectionEncyclopedia of Water: Science, Technology, and Society
2018Jaramillo, F.; Cory, N.; Arheimer, B.; Laudon, H.; van der Velde, Y.; Hasper, T. B.; Teutschbein, C.; Uddling, J.Dominant effect of increasing forest biomass on evapotranspiration: Interpretations of movement in Budyko SpacePeer-reviewed journal articleHydrology and Earth System Sciences
2018Teutschbein, Claudia; Grabs, Thomas; Laudon, Hjalmar; Karlsen, Reinert H.; Bishop, KevinSimulating streamflow in ungauged basins under a changing climate: The importance of landscape characteristicsPeer-reviewed journal articleJournal of Hydrology
2018Wallin, M.B., Campeau, A., Audet, J., Bastviken, D., Bishop, K., Kokic, J., Laudon, H., Lundin, E., Löfgren, S., Natchimuthu, S., Sobek, S., Teutschbein, C., Weyhenmeyer, G.A., Grabs, T.Carbon dioxide and methane emissions of Swedish low-order streams-a national estimate and lessons learnt from more than a decade of observations: Carbon dioxide and methane emissionsPeer-reviewed journal articleLimnology and Oceanography Letters
2018Berry, P. M.; Fabok, V.; Blicharska, M.; Bredin, Y. K.; Llorente, M. G.; Kovacs, E.; Geamana, N.; Stanciu, A.; Termansen, M.; Jaaskelainen, T.; Haslett, J. R.; Harrison, P. A.Why conserve biodiversity? A multi-national exploration of stakeholders' views on the arguments for biodiversity conservationPeer-reviewed journal articleBiodiversity and Conservation
2018Blicharska, M.; Hilding-Rydevik, T."A thousand flowers are flowering just now" - Towards integration of the ecosystem services concept into decision makingPeer-reviewed journal articleEcosystem Services
2018Blicharska, M.; Ronnback, P.Recreational fishing for sea trout-Resource for whom and to what value?Peer-reviewed journal articleFisheries Research
2018Blicharska, M.; Ronnback, P.What factors enable or hinder engagement of civil society in ecosystem management? The case of "pike factories' and wetland restoration in SwedenPeer-reviewed journal articleJournal of Environmental Planning and Management
2018Blicharska, M.; Smithers, R. J.Bialowieza Forest: Political standsPeer-reviewed journal articleScience
2018Iwinska, K.; Blicharska, M.; Pierotti, L.; Tainio, M.; de Nazelle, A.Cycling in Warsaw, Poland - Perceived enablers and barriers according to cyclists and non-cyclistsPeer-reviewed journal articleTransportation Research Part a-Policy and Practice
2018Jokinen, P.; Blicharska, M.; Primmer, E.; Van Herzele, A.; Kopperoinen, L.; Ratamaki, O.How does biodiversity conservation argumentation generate effects in policy cycles?Peer-reviewed journal articleBiodiversity and Conservation
2018Smithers, R. J.; Doick, K. J.; Burton, A.; Sibille, R.; Steinbach, D.; Harris, R.; Groves, L.; Blicharska, M.Comparing the relative abilities of tree species to cool the urban environmentPeer-reviewed journal articleUrban Ecosystems
2018Tinch, R.; Bugter, R.; Blicharska, M.; Harrison, P.; Haslett, J.; Jokinen, P.; Mathieu, L.; Primmer, E.Arguments for biodiversity conservation: factors influencing their observed effectiveness in European case studiesPeer-reviewed journal articleBiodiversity and Conservation
2018Ledesma, J.L.J.; Kothawala, D.N.; Bastviken, P.; Maehder, S.; Grabs, T.; Futter, M.N.Stream Dissolved Organic Matter Composition Reflects the Riparian Zone, Not Upslope Soils in Boreal Forest HeadwatersPeer-reviewed journal articleWater Resources Research
2018Ledesma, J.L.J.; Futter, M.N.; Blackburn, M.; Lidman, F.; Grabs, T.; Sponseller, R.A.; Laudon, H.; Bishop, K.H.; Köhler, S.J.Towards an Improved Conceptualization of Riparian Zones in Boreal Forest HeadwatersPeer-reviewed journal articleEcosystems
2018Blicharska, Malgorzata; Teutschbein, Claudia;Environmental Conservation Challenges in a multi-sector system – BiodiversePopular ScienceBiodiverse16-1720184
2017Nijp, Jelmer J.; Metselaar, Klaas; Limpens, Juul; Teutschbein, Claudia; Peichl, Matthias; Nilsson, Mats B.; Berendse, Frank; van der Zee, Sjoerd E.A.T.M.Including hydrological self-regulating processes in peatland models: Effects on peatmoss drought projectionsPeer-reviewed journal articleScience of The Total Environment
2017Blicharska, M.; Andersson, J.; Bergsten, J.; Bjelke, U.; Hilding-Rydevik, T.; Thomsson, M.; Osth, J.; Johansson, F.Is there a relationship between socio-economic factors and biodiversity in urban ponds? A study in the city of StockholmPeer-reviewed journal articleUrban Ecosystems
2017Blicharska, M.; Smithers, R. J.; Hedblom, M.; Hedenas, H.; Mikusinski, G.; Pedersen, E.; Sandstrom, P.; Svensson, J.Shades of grey challenge practical application of the cultural ecosystem services conceptPeer-reviewed journal articleEcosystem Services
2017Blicharska, M.; Smithers, R. J.; Kuchler, M.; Agrawal, G. K.; Gutierrez, J. M.; Hassanali, A.; Huq, S.; Koller, S. H.; Marjit, S.; Mshinda, H. M.; Masjuki, H. H.; Solomons, N. W.; Van Staden, J.; Mikusinski, G.Steps to overcome the North-South divide in research relevant to climate change policy and practicePeer-reviewed journal articleNature Climate Change
2017Primmer, E.; Termansen, M.; Bredin, Y.; Blicharska, M.; Garcia-Llorente, M.; Berry, P.; Jaaskelainen, T.; Bela, G.; Fabok, V.; Geamana, N.; Harrison, P. A.; Haslett, J. R.; Cosor, G. L.; Andersen, A. H. K.Caught Between Personal and Collective Values: Biodiversity conservation in European decision-makingPeer-reviewed journal articleEnvironmental Policy and Governance
2017Smith, A. C.; Harrison, P. A.; Soba, M. P.; Archaux, F.; Blicharska, M.; Egoh, B. N.; Eros, T.; Domenech, N. F.; Gyorgy, A. I.; Haines-Young, R.; Li, S.; Lommelen, E.; Meiresonne, L.; Ayala, L. M.; Mononen, L.; Simpson, G.; Stange, E.; Turkelboom, F.; Uiterwijk, M.; Veerkamp, C. J.; de Echeverria, V. W.How natural capital delivers ecosystem services: A typology derived from a systematic reviewPeer-reviewed journal articleEcosystem Services
2017Teutschbein, C.; Sponseller, R.A.; Grabs, T.; Blackburn, M.; Boyer, E.W.; Hytteborn, J.K.; Bishop, K.Future Riverine Inorganic Nitrogen Load to the Baltic Sea From Sweden: An Ensemble Approach to Assessing Climate Change EffectsPeer-reviewed journal articleGlobal Biogeochemical Cycles
2017Mayotte, J.-M.; Grabs, T.; Sutliff-Johansson, S.; Bishop, K.The effects of ionic strength and organic matter on virus inactivation at low temperatures: general likelihood uncertainty estimation (GLUE) as an alternative to least-squares parameter optimization for the fitting of virus inactivation modelsPeer-reviewed journal articleHydrogeology Journal
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2016Blicharska, M.; Andersson, J.; Bergsten, J.; Bjelke, U.; Hilding-Rydevik, T.; Johansson, F.Effects of management intensity, function and vegetation on the biodiversity in urban pondsPeer-reviewed journal articleUrban Forestry & Urban Greening
2016Blicharska, M.; Orlikowska, E. H.; Roberge, J. M.; Grodzinska-Jurczak, M.Contribution of social science to large scale biodiversity conservation: A review of research about the Natura 2000 networkPeer-reviewed journal articleBiological Conservation
2016Gustafson, D. H.; Blicharska, M.; Mikusinski, G.When development and amphibians meet: a case study of a translocation of great crested newts (Triturus cristatus) in SwedenPeer-reviewed journal articleHerpetological Conservation and Biology
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2016Karlsen, R.H.; Seibert, J.; Grabs, T.; Laudon, H.; Blomkvist, P.; Bishop, K.The assumption of uniform specific discharge: unsafe at any time?Peer-reviewed journal articleHydrological Processes
2016Karlsen, R.H.; Grabs, T.; Bishop, K.; Buffam, I.; Laudon, H.; Seibert, J.Landscape controls on spatiotemporal discharge variability in a boreal catchmentPeer-reviewed journal articleWater Resources Research
2015Oni, Stephen K.; Tiwari, Tejshree; Ledesma, José L. J.; Ågren, Anneli M.; Teutschbein, Claudia; Schelker, Jakob; Laudon, Hjalmar; Futter, Martyn N.Local- and landscape-scale impacts of clear-cuts and climate change on surface water dissolved organic carbon in boreal forestsPeer-reviewed journal articleJournal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences
2015Berghuijs, Wouter R.; Harrigan, Shaun; Kipnis, Evan L.; Dogulu, Nilay; Floriancic, Marius; Müller, Hannes; Pohle, Ina; Saia, Sheila M.; Sedlar, Frank; Smoorenburg, Maarten; Teutschbein, Claudia; van Emmerik, TimCreating Community for Early-Career GeoscientistsPeer-reviewed journal articleEos, Transactions American Geophysical Union
2015Blicharska, M.; Mikusinski, G.Use mentoring to fix science inequalityPeer-reviewed journal articleNature
2015Blicharska, M.; Van Herzele, A.What a forest? Whose forest? Struggles over concepts and meanings in the debate about the conservation of the Bialowieza Forest in PolandPeer-reviewed journal articleForest Policy and Economics
2015Henningsson, M.; Blicharska, M.; Antonson, H.; Mikusinski, G.; Goransson, G.; Angelstam, P.; Folkeson, L.; Jonsson, S.Perceived landscape values and public participation in a road-planning process - a case study in SwedenPeer-reviewed journal articleJournal of Environmental Planning and Management
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2014Jungqvist, Gunnar; Oni, Stephen K.; Teutschbein, Claudia; Futter, Martyn N.Effect of Climate Change on Soil Temperature in Swedish Boreal ForestsPeer-reviewed journal articlePLoS ONE
2014Blicharska, M.; Baxter, P. W. J.; Mikusinski, G.Practical implementation of species' recovery plans - lessons from the White-backed Woodpecker Action Plan in SwedenPeer-reviewed journal articleOrnis Fennica
2014Blicharska, M.; Mikusinski, G.Incorporating Social and Cultural Significance of Large Old Trees in Conservation PolicyPeer-reviewed journal articleConservation Biology
2014Harrison, P. A.; Berry, P. M.; Simpson, G.; Haslett, J. R.; Blicharska, M.; Bucur, M.; Dunford, R.; Egoh, B.; Garcia-Llorente, M.; Geamana, N.; Geertsema, W.; Lommelen, E.; Meiresonne, L.; Turkelboom, F.Linkages between biodiversity attributes and ecosystem services: A systematic reviewPeer-reviewed journal articleEcosystem Services
2014Mikusinski, G.; Possingham, H. P.; Blicharska, M.Biodiversity priority areas and religions-a global analysis of spatial overlapPeer-reviewed journal articleOryx
2014Niedzialkowski, K.; Blicharska, M.; Mikusinski, G.; Jedrzejewska, B.Why is it difficult to enlarge a protected area? Ecosystem services perspective on the conflict around the extension of the Bialowieza National Park in PolandPeer-reviewed journal articleLand Use Policy
2013Teutschbein, C.; Seibert, J.Is bias correction of regional climate model (RCM) simulations possible for non-stationary conditions?Peer-reviewed journal articleHydrology and Earth System Sciences
2013Blicharska, M.Scale of global road map is impracticalPeer-reviewed journal articleNature
2013Blicharska, M.; Mikusinski, G.Old Trees: Cultural ValuePeer-reviewed journal articleScience
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